America incarcerates more people than any nation in the world.  Nonviolent African American males who were convicted of drug offenses comprise a disproportionate percentage of such inmates.  This mass incarceration is costing our nation billions although the nation faces 19 trillion dollars in debt and a $425 billion budget deficit for 2015.  The toll that mass incarceration imposes on our nation is indescribable especially for African American men and families.

Many states have enacted some level of criminal justice reform, thereby decreasing their prison rolls and budgetary expenditures on prisons.  Simultaneously, federal prison rolls continue to increase because Congress keeps stubbornly criminalizing more and more behavior.  Much of Congress’ stubbornness grows out of the insistent reliance of some Congress members on the failed policies of the drug war.  Moreover, AG Sessions also seems determined to increase federal inmates.

TURN will work to decrease crime and recidivism in South Dallas.  We believe Rev. Jesse Jackson speaks truth when he says the best antidote to crime is a job.  Also, strong families and schools reduce crime.  People turn from crime when they have hope and opportunities.