According to the Dallas Metro Homeless Alliance, approximately 3380 homeless people live in the city of Dallas.  They live in shelters, transitional houses and on the streets.  Some are veterans, youth and chronically homeless.  Their existence is a daily struggle as the city moves them from location to location.  They are a diverse group, but most are African American men.

The Dallas Heroes’ Project website purported that for whatever reason race is a factor in the Dallas homeless problem.  The website states that in the US 40% of the homeless are African Americans, although African American comprise only 13% of the country’s population. Furthermore it reported that in Dallas 70% of the unsheltered homeless population are African Americans.

Tasha Tsiaperas, staff writer for the Dallas Morning News, included in her article on homelessness, dated March 9, 2017, that the average age for a homeless person is 53 and an overwhelming number is male (76%). She went on to cite from the annual homeless census that an unsheltered homeless person remains that way on average beyond 3 years. Additionally, the article stated that the lack of available, affordable housing is the number one barrier to the homeless crisis in Dallas.